Automating Application and Database Deployments—Live Webcast

Our next DevOps Drive-In webcast features application deployment automation and database deployment automation working together. Register here for the September 18th event. Read on for some background on the topic.

With the explosion in the use of Agile development practices and the subsequent adoption of DevOps centric deployment practices, many organizations are investigating the ways in which automation technologies can provide value. Automating your deployment processes has the potential to increase deployment velocity, remove the potential for human error, reduce deployment risk and bring reliability and repeatability to your deployments.

Whilst automating application deployments will certainly allow organizations to make significant improvements in all of the areas listed above, there are additional areas of complexity that can be addressed using complimentary automation tools. One significant benefit of Serena’s deployment automation tool is its ability to work seamlessly with a number of other tools and provide a deployment-centric or even a full DevOps toolchain. The value of an integrated toolchain extends beyond the realm of application deployments: it includes build management, test management, application performance monitoring and a number of other domains.

With a powerful deployment automation solution, application deployments and even application rollbacks are easy to define and implement. However, correlating any  associated database changes (and rollback) can provide some pretty large headaches, even to the most experienced automation users. Extend this scenario to environments where complex database deployments occur in conjunction with application deployments, and you’re walking into a minefield, wearing a blindfold after being spun around 50 times.

The ability to perform application and database deployments, track schema changes and apply agile processes to databases in a repeatable and user friendly manner can provide a huge amount of value. In our next episode of the DevOps Drive-In webinar series, we will address the issues and solutions to this complexity with database deployment expert Robert Reeves of Datical. Register here for the September 18th event.

Datical brings a model based approach to database deployments that compliments the market leading deployment automation capabilities of Serena Deployment Automation with additional knowledge of database schema changes. Robert will discuss deployment challenges, successful methods to overcome said challenges and provide a live demonstration of application and database deployments working seamlessly together. Please join us!

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