Attachmate’s Enterprise File Transfer Solution Gets Media Coverage

With the recent launch of FileXpress 7.2, Attachmate’s enterprise file transfer solution, we saw several articles surrounding the updated solutions.

Biztech2 wrote an article titled, “Attachmate Unveils FileXpress 7.2,” that highlights the availability of FileXpress Internet Server 7.2 and FileXpress Command Center 7.2 and how the new capabilities in these releases improve the overall reliability and automation of data movement. Additionally, Biztech2 reinforced that FileXpress 7.2 enables an organizations’ compliance with security policies for themselves, their partners and customers.

We also saw an article in IT Jungle titled, “Attachmate Add Features with MFT Update,” that discussed the new data integration, authentication, and administrative capabilities intended to streamline MFT functions.

The IT Jungle article shared a little about the history of the enterprise file transfer solution, which has been on the market for about three years, and outlined the core components of the solution.

It is exciting to hear what people are saying about FileXpress, we like the buzz and hope you find the articles useful.

For a list of questions that will help you assess if you’re ready for an enterprise file transfer solution, as well as links to useful resources from industry analysts, click here.

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