Application modernization – a path to business transformation



Benefits and ROI from modernizing business-critical technology and infrastructure
“CIOs will have to make fundamental changes in the way IT operates and campaign for technological improvements that will transform cost structures and operating models throughout the enterprise”…” they will have to make the IT function dramatically more productive, use IT more effectively to meet larger company goals*…

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According to Ovum, there are increasing expectations of the role of IT to support and enable the economic recovery, through accelerating business transformation and increasing business agility. The most mature areas of business-critical technology and IT infrastructure are often those in which opportunities for transformation remain untapped – despite deep understanding typically being available of the risks and architectural disadvantages entailed in their continued use, as well as the readily evident cost issues. Modernizing these technologies would unlock funding that can be used to strengthen and grow the organization, and overcome any disadvantage relative to competitors who might already be achieving the benefits of more cost-effective and productive operating models.

The complimentary Ovum white paper and on-demand webcast explores a number of practical ways to achieve this, including optimizing mainframe development and testing processes, platform migration, and process modernization. It also looks at the benefits, return on investment (RoI), and relative risk factors for these options, and includes real case studies of the results of modernization programs as experienced by practitioners.

How does Micro Focus help with Application Modernization?

*McKinsey on Business Technology, November 2009 – “Time to raise the CIO’s game”

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