Better together – Micro Focus host the APJ Partner Summit 2017



Micro Focus has been enabling our customers to begin, or complete, their journey to digital transformation for more than 40 years. Crucially, we are now active in 100 global locations and understanding local markets isn’t easy. That’s why we rely on our network of global partners.

Local knowledge goes a long way

It’s particularly true in the Asia Pacific/ Japan region. Everyone’s transformation journey is different and understanding cultural differences, and regional priorities, really helps us to engage with our local enterprise customers.

But engagement is a two-way street and it’s important that we recognize the importance of partners in the Micro Focus community. Understanding where we are at as a company, and crucially where we are going, helps our partners create more meaningful relationships with our customers.

A conference was the obvious way to get everyone on message simultaneously. This was the thinking behind the APJ Partner Summit in Phuket from 1 to 3 March 2017.

Key speakers

During the summit, more than 50 key partners, including those who joined the Micro Focus family from Novell, Attachmate, NetIQ, Serena Software and GWAVA, heard from senior Micro Focus leaders, who offered insights into the strategy and direction for Micro Focus.

Notable Micro Focus speakers at the event included Stephen McNulty, President of Asia Pacific and Nigel Brown, Global Channels President and Eric Varness, Vice President of Product Management. But the event was all about the partners who shared the wisdom of speakers from Xynapse Asia, Assertiv Pty Ltd, NEXTGEN and the ACA Group.

Connect. Engage. Achieve

The summit theme captured the ethos for new and current partners to connect and learn from one another to achieve their business goals for the coming year.

Micro Focus used the opportunity to update the partners on our global partner strategy and incentives, as well as provide solution updates on IAS, DevOps, Workload Management and Unified Archiving.

DTC Cortex Consulting, Maxline Limited, SysArmy Sdn Bhd, Global Sapphire Inc and NST Worldwide Pty Ltd were among the partners to receive outstanding achievement awards at the event. Event feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with 100% of survey responders rating the event as ‘good’ and more than 60% rating it as excellent.

The partners are committed in delivering joint success and already looking forward to the next upcoming partner summit.

Want to join in?

We’re always keen to hear from prospective new partners and offer a ‘tiered’ program. Registered partners simply apply at the portal while Premier Partners enjoy considerably enhanced benefits based on certification and accreditation attainment. Regional Partner Executives can enable current partners to upgrade.

JR Wong,

Channels Director, Micro Focus APJ

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