Automates DevOps and Lights Up xChange12 is the #1 online rental search destination and the way they stay #1 is with high velocity product releases and deployments.  Matt Stratton of recently lit up xChange12, Serena’s global user conference, with their success story.‘s technology teams were doing two-week sprints but found that releases needed to be managed better and automation was a must.  According to Matt Stratton, Director of Technology Operations at

In our business, we can’t afford to have 18 month projects for new features. That’s an eternity in the online world. How can you have a two-week sprint and then take three days to deploy an application or new feature? We were very good at creating new products, but we needed to get better at how we managed the releases of these products

After considering a homegrown solution and consulting Gartner, discovered Serena to be the leader in the release management space and began evaluating our solutions.

In just six weeks implemented Serena’s DevOps solutions, going live with incident management, service request and release automation.  The result was a 70% reduction in environmental issues.  Such tremendous success led to winning a Serena Innovation Award at xChange12.

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