Announcing extend® 9

We are delighted to announce that extend 9, the latest version of extend will be available from December 17th. With this release extend has been improved to meet the requirements of users of earlier versions of extend as well as users of RM/COBOL who are looking to move to extend.

extend 9 has enhanced .NET support, improvements to Windows native look and feel, simplified naming for DLLs and shared libraries, plus a new module, Xcentrisity BIS, which simplifies the creation of Web Application Services.

  • Xcentrisity Business Information Server (BIS) is a native COBOL environment for building and deploying Web Services.
  • The BIS Server is a web server environment that manages application sessions and makes them available via any web browser or other web user agent that is granted access to the BIS server.
  • Application developers gain the capability to move applications forward by building Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) applications incorporating legacy business data and logic freely mixed with the latest web languages and tools.
  • Application developers also gain a unique opportunity to build state-of-the-art browser-based web applications or SOAP-based Web Services comprising ACUCOBOL-GT® programs and COBOL data files and databases.

Many RM/COBOL users already make great use of Xcentrisity BIS and its benefits are now available to users of the extend family of products. Having BIS as part of the extend product set will be of benefit to those RM/COBOL users looking for a simple step to a more modern COBOL environment.

More details can be found at, including a document on the value of upgrading to extend 9 and beyond.

We would like to thank all our beta testers who helped us make the extend 9 the high quality product that it is and look forward to working together with you all as you take your COBOL applications forward.

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