Announcing Dimensions CM 14 – The Best Ever!

It is with great pleasure that we announce the release of Serena Dimensions CM 14, which is without a doubt the most innovative and powerful release of our premier software change and configuration management (SCCM) product ever.

Resolving the growing complexity of application development has been a common theme as we engineered this new release in partnership with 150 current customers that participated in our Preview, Special Interest and Beta programs. Contributions from our customers drove the many evolutionary features we introduced, and their help validating and verifying our implementation approach has been invaluable. Thank you to all 150!

Serena Dimensions CM 14 Peer Review

Many of the new capabilities in Dimensions CM 14 relate to the introduction of changesets, which are central to eliminating the complexity and concern associated with the growing adoption of parallel development. We are delighted to introduce a new visual user interface for Dimensions CM 14 that we call Pulse that, and as its name implies, provides visibility and insight into the heartbeat of development. The ability to visualize changes and code branches across multiple projects, platforms and locations enables teams to streamline the delivery of code changes in a process that is consistent and easily managed, while the new visual change history provides continuous insight into change health and release readiness. As Ken Vane from Navy Federal Credit Union said, “The visibility and insight that Dimensions CM 14 provides allows us to see if we are converging to quality or diverging from quality in real time.”

Software development/engineering requires extensive collaboration across team members, so with Dimensions CM 14 we introduced a web-based collaborative peer review capability that is integrated directly into the development process and accessible within the developer’s IDE. As developers, we thrive on teamwork and collaboration and now can do so through in-line comments/annotations and associated discussion threads, increasing visibility and speeding delivery. Doing so is critically important, especially in complex, globally-dispersed development team. As Richard Prescott, Software Development Technical Lead at SPTS technologies and customer preview program participant, observes, “The task of managing the merge of new features or patches from one branch to another will be greatly simplified, and the adoption of peer review will improve team collaboration and quality.”

Many of our customers use development teams spread around the globe, requiring high levels of scalability and security to protect their intellectual property. During the development of Dimensions CM 14, we listened carefully to the needs of software development teams in these environments and are delivering significant performance and security enhancements. Performance is everything to developers, and we have introduced a personal library cache that significantly speeds access to files through a secure local cache for those geographically distributed team members. In addition we have considerably enhanced network performance through delta file transfers of only the changed sections of text or binary files. Initial results from beta customers reveal a significant improvement in performance and accessibility, and we look forward to publishing additional results from our early adopters.

Years ago, I thought we were in the midst of development platform consolidation, but today we are just exploding again with the addition of new mobile and cloud environments. We heard our customers who are extending their current applications, or building new applications for today’s modern mobile devices, and delivered new support for development platforms and clients.  With Dimensions CM 14 we have extended our platform support through a native integration with the Appcelerator platform and with integration and interoperability with Apple’s Xcode. We also support Mac OS X clients with the addition of support for Safari.

There are many more features and capabilities to mention, so I’ll direct you to the following links to learn more:

  1. Read today’s press release
  2. Our June 25th live webcast and Q&A with Dimensions CM product experts
  3. Watch videos previewing new features on our YouTube channel:
  4. Visit the Dimensions CM product webpage

I couldn’t be more thrilled and delighted with the release of Dimensions CM 14! For current Dimensions CM customers, I encourage you to download, install and test the new version, then contact Serena for any help you need with the upgrade. For those of you interested in learning how Dimensions CM 14 can replace other SCCM solutions in your enterprise, please contact me directly, reach out to your Serena account executive or simply email

Finally, my thanks and congratulations go out to the Serena team for their superb effort in delivering the Best Dimensions CM Product Ever and to the many customers who contributed to it through the Preview Program.

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