Announcing DevPartner 10.5 with 64-bit support

With the release of DevPartner Studio 10.5, Micro Focus is committed to bringing you the highest quality products you need to meet the challenging world of software development. As part of your maintenance contract you are eligible to upgrade to this release of DevPartner at no additional charge. *

Highlights of this release

64-Bit Application Support – DevPartner 10.5 now offers the ability to analyze and profile both native and managed 32-bit and 64-bit executables, web applications and assemblies on both AMD x64 and Intel EM64T architectures. DevPartner has been updated to handle the increased memory limits and data values used by 64-bit applications. The updated runtime DevPartner components consist of:

  • Error Detection (BoundsChecker)
  • Performance Analysis
  • Coverage Analysis
  • Memory Analysis
  • Performance Expert

Remote Profiling on Windows 7 – DevPartner now supports the profiling of remote applications when the local and remote computers are properly licensed and use supported Windows Vista SP1 and later operating systems, including Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Server 2008 R2.

  • Eases the burden of multi platform verification
  • Frees the users system while analysis runs on remote systems

Integration with Silk Central Test Manager – DevPartner .NET code analysis is now supported in Silk Central Test Manager (SCTM) 2010 R2. This illuminates the black box of testing by extending code analysis capabilities into the .Net world.

  • Illustrates whether tests have sufficiently covered application code
  • Helps testers choose tests that are impacted by code changes
  • Shows coverage trends across builds

How to get DevPartner 10.5

Existing customers on maintenance: login to Micro Focus Support Line, go to the Product Update section and click on ‘Request Latest Version’ at the top of page. Alternatively you can call us to upgrade, selecting option #1 from the automated menu.*

Off maintenance or new customers: please call our sales team on +1 800 468 6342 (US) or +44 (0)800 328 4967 (outside US)

*Please note, free upgrade only applies to existing customers with a current maintenance contract.

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