Revving up the AMC Technical Blogs

With so much valuable technology available from our modernization solution, we’re often asked to provide greater insights. Now, as Derek Britton reveals, we’ve put all the latest AMC practitioner blogs in a single location. Read on…

By now regular readers will have no doubt that Micro Focus AMC technology is the leading way to drive application modernization projects to the next level.  Speaking of “drive”, core business applications must be reliable, capable and able to transport your organization from where you are today to where you want to be in the future.

Micro Focus customers are used to a five star customer experience of course, the ‘showroom’ level news for our products can be found here. You’ll have heard about the shiny new models rolling out of production, we’ll tune up your favourite vehicle to inject extra pace, power and capability and enable them run with future tech. We also provide the tools and services to keep them motoring on for years to come. Whether your chosen Modernization vehicle is COBOL, CORBA, PL/I or connecting to a host system, we boast the most comprehensive range of modernization technology on the market.


Choosing our products makes clear economic and practical sense. But we also appreciate our customers want to experience the products in more detail. For the developers, the analysts, and those with a passion to go deeper and understand feeds, speeds and mechanical specs. Well we’ve got you covered too.

In fact, we have moved the ‘servicebay‘ technical stories from the showroom to their own dedicated centre, on our community blog site.

application-modernization-expertsLook under the hood – our technical blogs

Our AMC TechTips series has been designed for the metaphorical-mechanics amongst you.  We’re incredibly proud of the enterprise techies who drive our product innovation and this is their chance to talk to likeminded folks. So far they’ve fine-tuned these posts and are busy working on more:

Tech Tips: Debugging COBOL code in Visual Studio – Data Items

Tech Tips: Debugging COBOL code in Visual Studio – Breakpoints and Watchpoints

Tech Tips: Projecting COBOL into the future (pun intended)

Tech Tips: Project COBOL (Part 1 of 2)

Tech Tips: Project COBOL (Part 2 of 2)

Tech Tips: Improving .NET COBOL application responsiveness with new new syntax for .NET

Tech Tips: What’s New in the IDEs – Visual COBOL and Enterprise Developer 5.0

Tech Tips: Don’t know what’s been executed? Micro Focus has got you covered

Tech Tips: 4 Slick ways to accelerate COBOL code editing

Tech Tips: Creating COBOL code snippets

Tech Tips: A Modern Interface for Enterprise Server Administration

Just like the automotive, and so many other industries that we serve, we’re facing unprecedented change in ours. We’re determined to stay ahead of the competition in all aspects of Digital Transformation. We’d love your feedback and suggestions for products and blogs in your community site and we’d love you to interact with us on Twitter.




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