Agile Success Requires Better Communication

Another survey, another clear sign that IT needs to focus on the entire IT lifecycle in order to be more successful. Earlier this year, we surveyed about 1000 IT professionals, who indicated that development was doing relatively well. However, when it came to upstream and downstream processes like defining requirements and releasing apps into production, they told us a very different story.

Just recently, Serena conducted a survey with Agile2012 attendees and they tell us a similar story.  While agile software development was getting good marks for customer satisfaction, it was clear that communication across the enterprise was a major challenge facing IT organizations who wanted to make all of IT more “enterprise agile.” In fact, more than 50 percent of respondents indicated that understanding and also prioritizing customer demand needed the most improvement for agile to be successful. What’s more surprising is that when it came to deploying releases into production, only 30% – 40% of Support and IT Operations – the teams that are the first line of defense for helping customers – had any visibility into releases. Check out the full infographic.

With this in mind, it’s comforting to hear that many of our customers are already looking across the whole IT application and service delivery lifecycle and embracing the concept of Orchestrated IT. By orchestrating planning, development, deployment and service, while optimizing visibility through an executive IT dashboard, IT organizations can better understand how they can better deliver what the business really needs. In fact, Serena customers that have orchestrated information and communication across the whole IT lifecycle have realized some amazing results.  “What is Orchestrated IT? Check out this short 2-minute video that explains what Orchestrated IT can do for you.

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