extend 10 is here and ready for next gen development!

Take your first steps towards the future of ACU

As an ACUCOBOL-GT user, are you looking for a clear path forward? Maybe a future proof strategy to support, even modernize, your existing ACUCOBOL apps?  If you are, you’re in very good hands with Micro Focus and extend 10.

Check it out!  This latest and major release of extend offers new and exciting capabilities designed to optimize ACU development and accelerate your move to new innovation.  Whether you’re considering a new UI strategy, a move to the Cloud or adopting the latest deployment platform, extend 10 delivers an impressive line-up of new features that promises to excite any ACUCOBOL user.

What’s New?

Well, here are just a few highlights:

  • ACUCOBOL support for the latest technology platforms including Windows 10, Apache 2.4 and .NET 4.5
  • Single files over 2gb are now supported
  • ACUCOBOL-GT enhancements including AutoFill Entry-field
  • Relational database support is now included as a standard ‘feature’
  • Tracing and profiler enhancements
  • Plus many more including customer reported fixes

To learn more, check out the ‘What’s New’ in Extend 10 datasheet

Protect what you have

If your core business systems are built on ACUCOBOL technology, you’ll want to protect them and leverage them to your advantage.  In many ways, these systems represent your core company identity, your unique IP and it would difficult to imagine a business environment without them!

With extend 10, you protect what you have but also optimize it – effectively use what already works and innovate from there.  Re-use is the smarter play. Want proof?  Read how Rainer Obermeit chose Micro Focus to move into the future using ACUCOBOL technology.  The secret to application re-use success is to do this without adding significant cost or risk to the business.  Easier said than done, I know, but with the right tools (designed for this task) it’s simpler than you may think. extend 10 makes this process straightforward by giving you the foundational platform for new development capability –to quickly deliver the new business features that your customers are asking for!  The tools are here and they’re waiting for you.

Familiar faces

Why we are so confident in extend 10?  We’re reinvesting in ACUCOBOL in new ways including new feature roadmaps, new technology deliverables and new community events.  Plus, our ACUCOBOL community just got a lot stronger with the recent return of an ACUCOBOL legend – Drake Coker.  We’re very happy to have Drake back with us and focused on delivering new ACU capabilities for the extend product line.  So, with a renewed energy, a feature-rich roadmap and the addition of new (and familiar) ACU friends, we’re ready to go.

Join us and let’s take our ACUCOBOL apps into the future!

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience extend 10 for yourself.

ACUCOBOL usersLearn more about this exciting new release NOW!



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