A week’s work – experience beats education




Site Operations:

On the first day of my time at Micro Focus I was taken around the building on a very friendly tour. I was shown all of the different department areas spread around the building and shown the cafeteria set up.

After this I worked in change management with David and his Newbury Operations team; they talked me through their method of sorting all Department changes throughout the Company.


For the rest of the afternoon I sat on reception with Denice where I got to sort letters to many different locations and get them ready for sending off. I also buzzed people through the front gate of the car park and helped generally in the reception area.


HR and Logistics:

I was shown the River Park building where Logistics and Recruitment are based. Logistics stored all manner of marketing collateral in there for the Global Events they attend. I mainly sat with Recruitment (Gemma and the team) which was great because I was given the opportunity to create a CV.


In the afternoon I went back over to the main building and spent the rest of the day with Finance (Sanjeet + team). They showed me how they monitored finance through a really cool spreadsheet tool called Excel. I was shown how to use it and helped them finish off some some work to do with budgets.



Wednesday was particularly interesting because I spent time with Development who showed me the server rooms. Servers are awesome and very expensive machines that help the Company’s IT to run smoothly. The Development teams also showed me some of the IT tools they use to support the servers and systems. They also explained how they aproached Agile technical projects (which was as clear as mud if I am honest).

The Legal Eagles

Liz and Melanie went over the legal side of the company with me after lunch. I sorted out various contracts that had sufficient signing from other contracts which weren’t fully completed.


IT Service Desk:

I was with Geraint on the IT service desk. Geraint was great fun and showed me how to configure the laptops and other machines used by everyone in the office. There were quite a few tasks to be completed for that morning so it was very busy and very interesting.

Sales Operations:

Rachael Elly and Sophie Marchetti in Sales Operations took over later on and got me working on some Sales spreadsheets along with showing me some presentations on the subject; they were super kind and gave me a few Snickers bars.



On the Friday I worked half a day in Human Resources and then finished up for lunch. I sorted out paperwork for contractors who had left and ones which were still working on at Micro Focus. I archived the old contractor’s files and organized the contractors still working at Micro Focus into an orderly collection in the correct folders.

The second installment….

Social Media and Blogging:

I really enjoyed my time at Micro Focus getting an amazingly diverse and fun look inside the company. I was very happy to be invited back later in the vacation to work for 2 days with the Social Media team. I found videos and blogs which needed a bit more publicity (according to Google Analytics) and I learnt a lot about Content Marketing on the internet. (I was very happy that they also had lots of chocolate☺).

I would definitely go back again if invited, it was great fun and I learnt a lot more about Micro Focus from the experience than I could have in School. Many thanks.

Chris Moore
St Johns Marlborough School






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