A Month of Glowing Reviews for Serena Dimensions CM 12.2

It’s been one month since Serena launched Dimensions CM 12.2, and for IT organizations struggling to balance faster delivery with greater control, CM 12.2 has been an early holiday gift! As I’ve been meeting with customers these last few weeks, I’ve been hearing some very positive feedback from those trying out the latest release.

  • “The combination of better traceability reports offered by Dimensions CM and new reversible headers features will make the adoption of the CM platform from PVCS much easier.”
  • “The performance numbers from Dimensions CM 12.2 look very promising.  Anything that is done to reduce the amount of time required to deliver changes translates directly into increased developer productivity and satisfaction with CM.”
  • “The new expanded keywords in Dimensions CM 12.2 are critical for our teams. They provide parity with what our developers were used to in PVCS and allow our developers to be more consistent in the information that is delivered via the variables.”

I’m very proud of all the extensive enhancements that the Serena R&D team has done with CM 12.2. Here are just some of the key highlights:

  • Parallel development enhancements to drive customer satisfaction
  • Certified integrations, especially for systems development tools, to increase productivity for manufacturing customers
  • PVCS-style support to facilitate PVCS → CM migration opportunities

In addition, significant work has been done on CM 12.2 to continue improving product performance, product quality and customer satisfaction. Here are just a few key metrics highlighting Serena’s attention to product quality:

  • Almost 6x performance improvement in delivering files into a stream against a request
  • Up to 45% improvement in scanning file work-area to calculate differences
  • 20% more test cases compared to CM 12.1
  • 17.5% customer backlog reduction
  • 20.5% customer regression backlog reduction

For more information on Dimensions CM 12.2, I encourage you to see the full release notes for all the details.

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