A “Me Too” Continuous Integration moment



I watched a “me too” moment while in the xChange12 breakout session “How to Use the Power of Dimensions CM to Drive Continuous Integration” by Paul Caruana, a member of the Serena Support team. Paul was talking about how Serena uses Jenkins with Dimensions CM to enable continuous integration in our development lab. It was at that point that one of Serena’s customers asked about the ability to integrate Subversion (configuration management), Jenkins (continuous integration) and Dimensions CM (deployment). Before Paul could answer, three other customers added, “We want to do that too. What’s the answer?” As a software provider, we obviously want our customers to use as much of our software as possible. As a company focused on customer satisfaction, this “me too” moment reinforced what we know – we must be able to easily integrate with our customers’ other software investments. BTW … Paul’s answer was “yes”.

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