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We are a quarter of the way into our INSPIRE 20 podcast journey, and I’m pleased to bring you podcast number five with Sheridan Ash of PwC.

Sheridan has an impressive and varied resume – she left school at 16, a decision she made after being bullied as a result of undiagnosed dyslexia. She then spent time as a fashion model, became a single mom while starting her degree, studied psychological sciences, worked in sales and marketing, got an MBA and since has worked at Accenture and now PwC. In addition to her incredible career in tech, she is also a founding member of a program that offers female-friendly technology education and career lessons to inspire girls and young women, as well as boys and young men, to consider careers in technology called Tech She Can.

Tech She Can helps to develop materials to support schools and teachers, while giving them resources to both educate and inspire students, especially girls, to be more involved in tech subjects and to pursue careers in tech. This outstanding organization has also created the Tech She Can Charter, a group of organizations who have pledged to work together to tackle gender imbalance in the technology industry, with Micro Focus being one of the organizations involved in the charter. We are honoured to partner with this important program and initiative, and continue to work with our partners like PwC to help do our part to remove imbalance every day.

Tune into the podcast to hear Sheridan share her story, the obstacles she faced and the advice she has learned along the way on how to develop confidence, self-esteem and have a positive impact.

You can listen at Apple PodcastsSoundCloud, and Spotify.

Following our fifth podcast release, we will be taking a one-month break from live podcasts as we know many of our listeners will be taking some downtime for the summer. We will use this time instead to share some additional research and information with you on the topics we’ve covered so far in the INSPIRE 20 series so that we can keep the conversation going and keep the spotlight on inclusion, diversity and belonging. We will be back on September 1st with our next live INSPIRE 20 podcast!

Sheridan Ash, PwC

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