A Buzz in the Air on Day 3 at Serena xChange



…and it is not the after effects of xTravaganza

A demonstration of Serena’s Development Manager kicked things off for the early birds with Mike Troth from R&D describing the persona-based UI workbench and the evolving and rich user experience of Serena’s Orchestrated ALM solutions.  Armed with a second coffee, many then headed over to hear Iryna Lutsiuk from the Quality Assurance team reveal an internally developed SBM application for test case management being used to manage test cases, test requirements, test runs across all Application development teams…..oh boy, I lost count of the number of customers asking when they could have it. What a great moment for Iryna and her team. With customers now dazed with excitement, it was time to head over to hear the future of Software Configuration Management and here again, Alex Shevchenko from our R&D team orchestrated even more buzz and excitement and injected some tremendous humor as we neared the end of a terrific xChange12.

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