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Follow some simple tips to ensure quality in mobile app testing

Mobile apps need to work smoothly across many existing platforms while meeting the requirements of handsets still in development, so the testing process can be daunting.

Systems must withstand frequent changes and keep pace with rapid developments. Mobile testing scripts also need to be modified easily and portable across platforms – not least to avoid having to repeat work already done, which could cause delays and increase costs.

Tip 1: Mobile apps should also be tested in a way that reflects user behaviour.

Tip 2: Industry standard languages that support greater stability should be encouraged. Java or C# will integrate with any continuous delivery system.

Tip 3: The testing solution should also support multiple iterations of mainstream mobile development platforms.

Tip 4:  Real traffic from native apps that mimic real devices should increase the accuracy of performance testing.

Tip 5: In future, more people are likely to use the app, so think about testing it on a global scale.

Tip 6: Use emulators and simulators. This can reduce the legwork. Additionally, test for the real world by covering and replicating real mobile bandwidth speeds such as GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA, HSPA+, and LTE.

Tip 7: Identify the correct testing subset. It is unrealistic to expect to be able to test your app on every known device and mobile OS, so identify the key players and recalibrate as required.

I believe people expect instant gratification today, so devices must work – and work fast. Apps should load quickly on the go. Performance testers say that seven seconds can cost you £7 million; meaning that a delay in performance can seriously affect the bottom line.

Following the tips above, resellers and SIs can make sure mobile testing meets market needs and demands.


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