6 Steps to Competitive Dominance where the IT Rubber Meets the Road

My latest whitepaper has just been published.  The topic is orchestrated IT operations.  It speaks to how IT ops are evolving in ways both obvious and surprising, and then goes on to suggest six responses that must be mastered.

The six steps are to synchronize people with processes, to systematize demand management, to automate repetitive tasks, to integrate people with system processes, to rally around an ops calendar, and to orchestrate service management.

Together these steps make ops processes automated, transparent, configurable and connected.  In a word, ops will become orchestrated.  Orchestration creates dramatic improvements in cycle time, compliance, agility and accountability.

The good news is that the responses suggested in the paper can and should be implemented step-wise, and they will leverage the tooling infrastructure already in place.

The result will be significant incremental gains, consistently achieved.  Such gains soon add up to a crushing competitive advantage.

That’s the benefit of Orchestrated Ops.

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