15 Reasons You Should Migrate from Veritas Enterprise Vault

The future of Veritas Enterprise Vault (Formerly Symantec Enterprise Vault) is uncertain. Why? Because of the news that Symantec has been split into two separate companies, and more recently that the company has sold off Veritas. This news has caused a number of organizations to migrate, or see the need to migrate their current email archive away from Enterprise Vault to more stable archiving solutions.

Business practices and technological advancements are constantly changing. This fact is especially evident in archiving software solutions. Data storage has moved past the need to only archive email, and has shifted into a more expansive need to archive all electronic data including mobile communication, social media posts, instant messages, and even the web searches your employees are conducting while at work. Legacy archiving solutions that are capable of only managing email data—like Enterprise Vault—have been left in the past, as new, more capable, modern electronic data management solutions are being sought after.

Migrating from Enterprise Vault

Fortunately, GWAVA has partnered with Akaibu Evolve build to a powerful migration engine that is non-invasive, is designed to deliver maximum performance and reliability, and provides quick and seamless migration from your legacy Enterprise Vault archive. That solution is Retain.

Retain and Akaibu Evolve work in tandem to take the risks and complexities out of archive migrations. Your migration from Enterprise Vault will be easy and your end-users will hardly know that you made the switch.

That being said, here are 15 important reasons you should migrate from Enterprise Vault to Retain!

  1. Legacy Technology – Enterprise Vault is built on legacy technology, that is coupled with third-party acquired products created in separate modules. This means not all electronic communication is supported for archiving and the user experience with the archive is difficult, because there are many separate modules for accessing and searching the archive.
  2. Difficult Mobile & Social Media Support – The social media and mobile archiving modules in Enterprise Vault are a third-party system, meaning that your administrator has to set perimeters to pull that data into the archive. Also, social media archiving is at end of life, with no current replacement.
  3. Lack of Real-Time Data Delivery – This opens your organization up to the potential risk of incomplete data which, in turn, does not provide a complete picture of all communication in context.
  4. Limited Archive Access – Enterprise Vault only allows certain users to search and export and it does not provide simple end user access to the archive. This places the burden on your IT department to manage subpoenas, open records requests, and any litigation concerns.
  5. Lack of Web Access – Enterprise Vault is not a web enabled system, meaning you can only access the archive behind the corporate firewall.
  6. Separate Modules, Separate Login – Enterprise Vault has limited and difficult access, forcing you to log into separate modules with no ability to view all email, social, and mobile communication data from one location.
  7. Limited Email Platform Support – Enterprise Vault only supports Exchange and Office 365. It does not support Gmail and it only supports GroupWise through a third-party system.
  8. Retain Does it Better! – When you make the move from Symantec Enterprise Vault, the clear choice for archiving is Retain! Retain provides multi-platform unified message archiving of all email, social media, IM, web searches, and mobile communication data for case assessment, search, and eDiscovery and can be deployed on-prem or in the cloud. The Retain archive is accessible by end users and administrators directly through Retain’s Web Access Archive Viewer. This enables your organization to quickly access, search, and audit archived communication data. Easily place litigation holds, print, forward, save, redact, and export your message data. Retain reduces cost, mitigates risk, and manages complexity on prem or in the cloud.
  9. Complete Social Media & Mobile Archiving – Retain includes built-in, real time support for social media and mobile communication archiving. This means that it is not necessary to search separate modules to find all electronic communication. Retain brings email, mobile and social communication together onto one screen so everything can be viewed and managed in context.
  10. Powerful Search & eDiscovery Tools – Retain features powerful built-in eDiscovery tools to search, restore, legal hold and export tools that anyone can be allowed to use, even end users.
  11. Immediate Access and Search of Archived Messages – Retain’s High Performance Indexing Engine ensures fast and easy data retrieval.All messages archived in Retain are immediately available for access, search, and eDiscovery. There is near zero latency between the time a message is archived and when it is indexed and available to be searched. And all messages are accessible from one central archive.
  12. Complete Archive Access – Retain provides access to administrators, auditors and other named users to easily view, search, restore, place a litigation hold, export and forward messages. And, end users can access and manage their own archive, rather than overburdening the IT department with individual requests.
  13. Web Access Archive Viewer – Only Retain offers an easy-to-use browser-based interface with powerful search tools that let you quickly access, search and perform eDiscovery on the archive.
  14. Unified Archive – Retain features a unified archive of all email, social media, mobile, instant messaging and web search data. This archive is easily accessible and searchable from one central location.
  15. Multi-platform Email Support – Retain features full archiving support for multiple email systems including Exchange, Office 365, Gmail and GroupWise.

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