12 Strategies for Delivering End-to-End Agility

How do you best implement Agile lifecycle practices to ensure end-to-end agility for IT application and service delivery?

Creative Intellect Consulting (CIC), a prominent UK analyst firm, has written a “creative short” – a short paper filled with expert insights – on what leading IT organizations are doing to be truly agile across the entire enterprise. Learn how you can successfully extend agile from a core development focus to a standard that stakeholders across the entire application delivery lifecycle can embrace.

Read the “12 Strategies for Delivering End-to-End Agility” to learn how to:

  • Focus on end-to-end IT processes to help all IT be more agile.
  • Maintain governance and auditability without sacrificing agile benefits.
  • Enable IT Operations to more easily manage the higher volume of agile sprints and releases.
  • Overcome organizational and technological challenges with hybrid water-scrum-fall techniques.
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